Welcome to my adventures!

Hello, I’m Anna!

I am just a gal whose favorite story is the one God has written for my life! I am a collector of real-life stories and enjoy imagining the stories behind each person I meet.

I love everything that has some sort of tale in it– songs, books, movies, sunsets, people… You might call me a Storynerd!

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Approx 12 min. listening time.

On the American home front the night of VJ Day, a girl goes down to the canteen to visit ‘her’ piano and untangle her tired mind. Travel with this patriot back to the bitter days of World War Two, and be reminded to never give up.

Behind the scenes...


Elijah Hubler of DominionInMusic 

& Jim Hodges of JimHodgesAudioBooks 

made this story  come to life! 

The Patriot’s Song is ‘very melancholy’ (a friend informed me), but I don’t fully agree. True, I walked around in a gloomy dream while it was still in progress, but I also got giddy and cried with joy as I wrote the end! 

I hope you enjoy this tribute to the heroes of World War Two, both the soldiers and those at home, and the heroes today who fight for our freedom. ~Anna